Quicken for Mac 2015: One Step Forward

As a longtime user of Quicken I was intrigued when the folks at Intuit's Quicken group called to pre-brief me on an new product announcement. I was hoping for a SaaS version of Quicken. What I got was an improved version of Quicken...



At Ford Racing, 3-D printing offers speed edge

In the recent story about the evolution of 3D printing from prototyping to production manufacturing, we didn't have room to talk about Ford Racing's use of the technology to help build NASCAR engine parts. It uses a 3D printing...



Why I came crawling back to Comcast

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Five years ago I kicked out Comcast, cut the cable TV cord, and went to my local telco provider, FairPoint Communications, for high-speed Internet service. Now I'm giving Comcast a second...



How to get started in IT without a degree

Who says you need a college degree to land an IT job? Out of 21 categories of IT careers, it's possible to land jobs in three without a college degree. A great place to get started is as a help desk analyst, network technician or...



CIO skips college, recruits high-school grads

Facing still competition for IT staff, CIO Fernando Gonzalez has changed his focus from recruiting college grads to recruiting young men and women right out of high school. "I can teach technology," says Gonzalez, CIO at Byer...



Crunch time at TurboTax: Common questions, crazy workloads

For TurboTax, this is the moment of truth.  The tax preparation software and SaaS vendor will processes 26 million 2013 tax returns this year, says vice president Bob Meighan, and most of that activity will occur over the next few...



The problem with cloud security cameras

Someone walked into my house when I was away. A Wi-Fi home security camera detected motion and immediately sent me a text and email alert - along with a photo. But my phone was on the charger, and I didn't notice the alert for...



Google to Gmail customers: You WILL use HTTPS

Editor's Note: Please see the update below. I'm a big believer in offering protections for personal privacy online, but Google's decision to force all Gmail subscribers to use HTTPS encryption goes too far. Four years ago Google...



It's time to give your privacy settings a spring cleaning

The three-part series I just finished up this week, the paranoid's survival guide to privacy, includes 32 different things privacy professionals say you can do to protect your privacy both online and off. I haven't done most of...



How app updates siphoned off Super Bowl bandwidth

It's challenging enough to provide bandwidth to more than 70,000 fans with mobile devices in an NFL stadium. But it wasn't until the Super Bowl last month that National Football League senior vice president and CIO Michelle...



Why Verizon Wireless wants to share your data - and why I said no

Verizon Wireless recently announced changes to its Relevant Mobile Advertising Program that will allow the carrier to track your desktop surfing habits on the Web and use that information to help advertisers deliver targeted ads to...



SocialRadar: A personal data aggregator in your pocket

Now Taylor Swift can say "I knew you were trouble before you walked in." SocialRadar, a mobile app launched today for the iPhone, finds people in your social networks who are nearby and then tells you everything you want to know...



Why there was no privacy in death

Today, National Data Privacy Day, is a good time to reflect on the fact that Americans continue to have an uneasy relationship with the data that businesses and governments gather about them. Almost every day it seems there's...



Will software robots give offshore workers the boot?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a robot as "a real or imaginary machine that is controlled by a computer and is often made to look like a human or animal." So when Alastair Bathgate stopped by Computerworld's offices the...



The business of ad blocking: A Q&A with Adblock Plus lead investor Tim Schumacher

Tim Schumacher, founder of Sedo.com. Image credit: gagelmann.com Entrepreneur Tim Schumacher, founder of the domain registrar Sedo.com, is the primary investor behind Adblock Plus, the free browser add-on that blocks Web...



Guilty pleasure: The dark side of smartphone upgrades

Imagine that you are just about to seal the deal on a shiny new $600 laptop when the sales person tells you that the battery can’t be replaced. If the unit fails, he says, you throw the laptop away. To protect yourself, you can pay...



Verizon Wireless automatically converts users to paperless billing

If you upgraded a Verizon Wireless phone at a store over the holidays you might want to check your paperless billing settings. According to Verizon wireless reps I spoke with, a bug in the wireless carrier's systems automatically...



Dear Santa: Please send a worthy Galaxy Nexus successor

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a new damned phone. I've had it with my Galaxy Nexus. But is there a replacement out there that will make all of my wishes come true? To say that I've had a string of bad luck with my...



FileMaker Pro: 13 going on 30

FileMaker 13, which debuts today, represents a milestone in more ways than one. In April the database program will celebrate its 29th birthday. It’s mind boggling to think that this popular database has been around since 1985. And...



Road test part IV: Skype

During a 10-day vacation trip across the U.K. and Scotland I relied on Skype on my Android phone and on a laptop to make calls to family in the U.S. I had little choice, since the radio technology in my Verizon mobile phone is...


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