13-inch iPad 'Pro' is incoming: Q1 release date

Apple is (again) said to be readying a larger iPad. The 13" tablet is probably going to be aimed at business users and will feature split-screen multitasking. But some commentators think it's a bogus plan. So, all in all, it's just...


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China launches homegrown OS to compete with pirated US software

China's OS: If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em. China -- satisfied it has conquered all Earth based manufacturing -- is now on a long march towards dominating the software market. Or at least it hopes anyway. Actions such as...


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Why Windows 9 beta download date will be a ''HUGE'' step for Microsoft [u]

Big boy Satya Nadella: Size matters. Microsoft is said to be ready to launch Windows 9 at the end of next month, with a beta / preview download available on a date soon after. Code named Threshold, the new operating system is...


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iMessage spam explosion: Apple flamed for bad design and dropping ball

Spam spam spam spam. Spam spam spam spam. Wonderful spam. For many users, iMessage is becoming an unusable cesspool of spam. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is under fire for poor security design in iMessage, and for failing to react to the...


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Steve Ballmer: ''Bye, Microsoft board.'' Bloggers read between lines

A lot of words, but what do they mean? Microsoft has lost a key Board member. He's called Steve Ballmer -- you might remember him. Resigning his seat on the Board of Directors, Ballmer cited the pressure of his other commitments,



HP's $199 Windows notebook vs. Chromebooks: FIGHT!

HP (NYSE:HPQ) seems almost ready to launch its low-cost Windows laptop. Vanguard of the next phase in Microsoft's battle against the ever-growing threat of the Google Chromebook advance, the HP Stream 14 has fairly decent specs...


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Twitter retweets favorites! Twitter retweets favorites!

Twitter's experiment takes a dive. Not satisfied to amble along a trail of user mistrust blazed by Facebook and OKCupid -- Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is taking a shortcut to the land of user annoyance. Its inexplicable decision to...


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Freakin' FCC must rule for TRUE net neutrality (so say Obama and Leahy)

Tom's boss is watching every freakin' move. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is being told by President Obama and Senate-President Leahy that it needs to up its net-neutrality game. And now the grayest lady in the...


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NSA can start Judgment Day! The Skynet is falling!!

MonsterMind: Hard to terminate. Another day, another scary thing we learn about the NSA. In a recent interview, whistleblower Edward Snowden tells us to fuhgeddaboudit when the NSA gets its wires crossed. According to Snowden,...


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New USB connector Type-C is teh awesomez

Wake me up when the transition is all over. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has finalized the specs for connector Type-C. No, wait, don't close this browser tab yet! Apparently, Type-C is going to change your life. Not only will you...


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NVIDIA claims INSANE speed in new 64-bit Tegra K1 (and RIP, Robin)

Here comes the wide-word to phones. The chip company with the shouty name -- NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) -- unveils amazing ARM benchmarks. The 64-bit "Denver" Tegra K1 will be faster than anything else, claims the company -- even...


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Buzzfeed feasts on $50 million in VC funding!!

Buzzfeed: Click bait, or hook, line, and sinking feeling? The 17 Most Annoying People You Know on Facebook link to it. It is one of the All-Time Top 5 Websites Accused of Being Click Bait. It is chock-full of enlightening, unique...


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Apple/Samsung patent trial shambles: '172 claim ''invalid''

Judge Lucy H. Koh: Egg on face. Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) patent-infringement actions against Samsung seem to be all-but in tatters. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has ruled, preliminarily, that a key claim in Apple's...


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Windows 9 Threshold download release date ''soon''

Morrissey celebrates Microsoft ditching the Charms Bar, with gladioli. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is said to be giving up on the whole Charms schtick. Windows 9 -- the assumed name for codename Threshold -- will instead move those...


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iPhone 6 release date post Sept 9 reveal, confirmed by secret sources

Tim keeps mum. He's not so dumb. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is said to be preparing a 9/9 launch for its next smartphone -- and the new phablet. The rumor and its confirmation came from three credible organs. But it's earlier than...


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Child-porn suspect Skillern caught by the Googlies

John Henry Skillern is a registered sex offender, says local TV news. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is said to have spotted an alleged child pornographer. The company supposedly discovered known kiddyporn images in a Gmail account, and...


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Judge tells Microsoft: Your Irish email servers are American expats!!

Preska: All in a day's work. If tech savvy could be represented by a location on Earth, the American legal system would be in a submarine deep in the Marianas Trench, faxing documents to blind fish. Thanks to a federal court...


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PANIC! Stop using USB (it's ''fundamentally broken'') #BadUSB

BadUSB: Karsten Nohl and friends set up us the bomb. USB gadgets are totally unsafe. That's the stark warning from Security Research Labs, to be given at Black Hat in Lost Wages. Basically, any USB device can do anything it wants...


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More evidence iPad sales are falling: Best Buy notes PC resurgence

Tim in a panic? Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) says tablet sales are "crashing." Makes for a great headline, but what's really going on? The company's CEO tells us that the tablet market is saturated, but people are again buying new PCs --...


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BlackBerry buys Secusmart (in vain effort to stay relevant)

Gay-emm-beh WHO??? BlackBerry Ltd. (TSE:BB) is buying a German security company, Secusmart GmbH. We're told that this allows the Canadian company to offer super-secure voice and data -- as used by German government honcha,...


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