Google (and Library of Congress?!) now indexing all tweets

Twitter's search function is great for finding out what is happening at this very moment.  It's so great that Google and Bing have added the results to their search results and, in the process, given Twitter its first revenue source...



Upgrades to Google Docs bring exciting new features to Cloud Office

At the inaugural Atmosphere  2010 Cloud Computing conference today, Google introduced some interesting new features to Google Docs that not only make them more familiar to Microsoft Office users, but also take collaboration to whole...



iPhone OS 4 liveblog here Thursday at 1pm ET

That's it!  iPhone OS 4 Beta is now on Appel's servers for you developers to start playing with. Q&A...No widgets on iPad?  Anything is possible in the futureTimeline in twitter background?  IM conversation?  Apple it is more...



First Google Android-powered TV announced

People of Lava, a Swedish startup, have announced an Android-powered TV, dubbed 'Scandinavia'. Set to ship later this year, the HDTV resembles the AppleTV interface in many ways but adds additional features that Apple users have been...



iPad vs. Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS browser speed test

AnandTech benchmarked the iPhone 3GS, iPad and Google Nexus One device and found that the iPad is usually faster than the Nexus One, but the Nexus One also routinely beats the iPhone 3GS by significant margins.  Other tests show that...



'iPad in Business' site goes live

As people all over the US wait in line to pick up their iPads, Apple is updating its site to showcase the different usage scenarios of the device.  Apple's 'iPad in Business' sites covers the business uses: "Featuring built-in...



Did Apple drop PA Semi for Intrinsity to create the A4?

News today is that Apple has purchased another processor company called Intrinsity.  Apple purchased PA Semi two years ago for almost a quarter of a billion dollars. The Intrinsity news was broken by EDN but followup work by...



Is Android going to surpass iPhone?

tweetmeme_url = "http://blogs.computerworld.com/15851/is_android_going_to_surpass_iphone?source=rss_weintraub"; The numbers this week from two separate sources seem to indicate that Apple's iPhone may not be the runaway success...



Android Market comes to the Mac desktop with DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist's latest update adds to its media syncing functionality for non-Apple devices like Google's Android.  The application now enables downloading of Google's Android Market Apps from the desktop -- very similar to the way...



AT&T's WorkBench to bring Enterprise Web apps to iPhone

AT&T today released WorkBench, an Enterprise App for the iPhone (and perhaps the iPod and iPad as well) developed with Antenna Software which will allow IT departments to more easily build secure Web Apps for Apple's mobile...



Does Google really need to be 'in' China?

Google left China today and will stop censoring its Chinese search results. While it is a monster step for the world's biggest search engine, it doesn't mean the end of the world for Google in China.First of all, they only really...



Will GoogleTV light a fire under the AppleTV?

tweetmeme_url = "http://blogs.computerworld.com/15779/will_googletv_light_a_fire_under_the_appletv?source=rss_weintraub"; The New York Times last night revealed that Google, in partnership with device manufacturer Sony and...



Google's Nexus One will be available on all four big US networks

Even though the Nexus One has had a slow start on Tmobile, you have to believe that the current flagship Android phone will have a little bit more success on AT&T...and Verizon... and now on Sprint.  That's right.  You will...



AT&T/Rogers Nexus One now for sale

AT&T won't subsidize it, but Google and HTC have built a Nexus One that will be able to pick up 3G signals on AT&T's 3G network (something the iPhone can't always do -- har!).  Google has updated the Google Store with a...



Apple hires 'Senior Prototype Engineer' for work on wearable computing

tweetmeme_url = "http://blogs.computerworld.com/15750/apple_hires_senior_prototype_engineer_for_work_on_wearable_computers"; Richard DeVaul's Linkedin status changed last month from Founder & President at AWare...



Will the iPad make a great car gadget?

In a word, yes, although most people may just choose to bring their iPads when they drive rather than leave one mounted in the car.That's not to say some car manufacturers aren't considering tablet-like interfaces for cars.  The...



I want a Mac Mini on steroids

My current computer configuration is hooking up a 13-inch MacBook Pro to a 30-inch monitor and using a wireless keyboard and mouse with it. It works OK, but lately I've been craving some more speed. And some more RAM. And faster...



AT&T's Backflip Android phone is a face plant

AT&T's foray into Android phones seems almost like it is a marketing campaign for Apple's iPhone. It certainly doesn't seem to be very friendly to Google, anyway. Last week, it was announced that AT&T was replacing the...



Android now allows Photoshop to be an image editor for other apps

Adobe's Photoshop.com has mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.  Each platform features a similar set of features.However, in an interesting twist today, Adobe announced that other Android application developers would be allowed...



Android marketshare growing, iPhone shrinking, says Quantcast

Apple, if they needed a reason to go after HTC, and by proxy Google, may have had it in marketshare numbers.  Android's growth has been pretty spectacular over the past few quarters highlighted by the graphs below from Quantcast, a...


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