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Futurist Thornton A. May, author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics , is a speaker, educator and adviser. More information is available on his website at .

Where is modern IT heading?

A strategy for strategy: Figuring out how to figure out  what IT should do next

A strategy for strategy: Figuring out how to figure out what IT should do next

Though nearly all modern enterprises are well managed, a sadly large proportion lack a real IT strategy. That equates to going nowhere with great efficiency.

Thornton A. May: IT has lost control, but that's not lamentable

Control is a quaint and cartoonish managerial fantasy. Insider (registration required)

Thornton May: The time is now for information governance. But do you even know what it is?

Information governance covers the entire spectrum of information management, but most people have a fuzzy notion of what it is. This must change, because the real value of information can't be fully realized unless it is properly...

Thornton May: Renaissance lessons for modern CIOs

The Renaissance has relevance to IT, and not just because IT is constantly being reborn.

Thornton May: Your privacy map is probably wrong

The privacy maps being created today are primarily designed to avoid lawsuits.

Thornton May: Reflections on inflections

Every day, contemporary executives confront a series of inflection points, where received wisdom is no longer adequate.

Thornton May: The path to big data mastery

While the path-to-mastery pattern is conceptually simple, successfully executing it requires courage, perseverance and patience.

Thornton A. May: IT for the whole brain and the whole organization

Futurist Thornton A. May foresees bright futures for IT professionals who strive to integrate value-creating IT behaviors into every nook and cranny of the enterprise.

Thornton May: Caught between mobility's rock and hard place

The rock: Users want to use their smartphones for work. The hard place: Security is deficient. All CIOs are caught between the two.

Thornton May: The future will need CIOs

For the CIO job, things are going to get bigger, better and different on a massive scale.

Thornton A. May: Fed up with blowhards, IT will fight back in 2014

Columnist Thornton A. May says in 2014, IT leaders will need to have regularly scheduled meetings that actively and aggressively seek to make sense of the changing world around them.

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