Sharon Machlis

Online Managing Editor

Sharon Machlis is online managing editor at Computerworld, where she works on data projects and tools in addition to writing and editing. Her tech interests include data visualization and analysis as well as the intersection of journalism and technology. She holds an Extra class amateur radio license.

Election data: One picture is worth ...

4 data wrangling tasks in R for advanced beginners

4 data wrangling tasks in R for advanced beginners

R is mighty, but it can be complex for data tasks. Learn how to get summaries, sort and do other tasks with relative ease. (Now updated with dplyr examples.)

For half, STEM degrees lead to other jobs

The truth, when it comes to computer employment data, is almost always ugly.

Warning: Apple HealthKit risks driving up medical costs

How can seeing more information about your health possibly be bad? Here's how, says the Lown Institute's Right Care Weekly newsletter: While the app and the ability to connect to medical records may be useful, it also has...

Easy Web scraping with

Easy Web scraping with

Want to quickly see and store federal IT jobs listings from USAJobs? Follow along as we simplify the process of pulling usable data from the website, using both illustrations and videos.

The Snowden leaks: A timeline

The Snowden leaks: A timeline

A look back at the security fallout following the NSA spying disclosures that began a year ago after Edward Snowden fled the U.S.

America's 6 top-paid CTOs

America's 6 top-paid CTOs

Bonuses and stock options help push some chief technology officers' salaries into the millions.

R resources at Computerworld

From a beginner's guide to data-wrangling how-to and searchable collection of additional tutorials and videos, we've got you covered.

Internet infrastructure explained in just 5 minutes? Yes, with humor - and kittens

What are the seven OSI layers that are commonly used in networking? What's a domain name server? What's peering? Even if you know, could you explain all that and more in less than 6 minutes? NPR news app developer Jeremy Bowers... creates Google Charts in the cloud

Seattle-based startup has created a data visualization service offering a front end for both Google's Charts visualization API and the JavaScript library D3.js, along with free public hosting for the graphics you...

R data manipulation tricks: PDF

Download this companion to our story, to more easily follow along tricks, tips and code.

Data manipulation tricks: Even better in R

Some Excel tips and tricks for manipulating dates, and for getting data into the format you need, are also ready for your R pleasure.

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