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Mary Brandel is a contributing writer for Computerworld, covering a variety of IT technology and management issues.

6 blunders to avoid when dealing with end users

Six TED talks that can change your career

Six TED talks that can change your career

Of the hundreds of TED talks available online, many are geared toward helping people view life in a new way, which can reshape how they approach work. We’ve collected a handful of talks that could help you approach your career in a...

15 ways to screw up a job interview

15 ways to screw up a job interview

Just because companies seem to be vying for someone with your skills and capabilities doesn’t mean you can get too casual about the interview.

8 tech buzzwords that you need to know

8 tech buzzwords that you need to know

Impress your friends at this year’s holiday gatherings by dropping a few of these terms.

Women in IT: No longer only a nice-to-have

Women in IT: No longer only a nice-to-have

As pressure to diversify rachets up, companies are reaching out to lure women into IT. Here’s how to go about it.

Whatever happened to Green IT?

Remember when "green computing" was all the rage? Companies competed for green awards, virtualized their data centers, set up e-waste committees, launched double-sided printing initiatives and activated power management features on...

3 reasons why IT execs need to go out to lunch more

In the last couple of years, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have risen to the top of many organizations' agendas. IDC calls the combination of these technologies "the third platform" and predicts they will account...

How GAF builds customer ties and gives IT staff business skills

GAF trains IT staffers in people skills and sends them to the field to collaborate with clients.

Top perks that IT professionals should ask for

You've been slaving away at your job since the economic downturn, taking on more work with no raise in pay and believing a light would one day appear at the end of the tunnel. According to both DICE and Robert Half Technology, that...

5 biggest mistakes of IT hiring managers

As IT hiring ramps up in 2014, many job market experts are predicting a tech talent shortage. And certainly among the hot skill sets a security, Big Data, .NET and Java developers, project managers, business analysts and anyone with...

How to keep your Millennials happy

The much-anticipated wave of Millennials is upon us, with their addiction to social media, their attachment to consumer devices and their merging of work and personal lives.

Why 'Innovation Management' Isn't an Oxymoron

To foster innovation, IT leaders must balance blue-sky thinking and practical goals. However, balancing structure and creativity, often means designing new processes.

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