Julia King

Executive Editor

Julia King, executive editor/events and national correspondent at Computerworld, is an award-winning business and technology journalist with more than 20 years experience covering a wide range of topics, from IT executive leadership and technology workforce management to cloud and grid computing, business analytics and IT return on investment. Ms. King was the founding executive editor of the award-winning ComputerworldROI magazine and spearheaded Computerworld's coverage of information economics.

LA Clearinghouse

A 2014 Computerworld Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, the Los Angeles Regional Criminal Information Clearinghouse uses GIS software and geospatial analysis technology to streamline the process of gathering evidence in criminal...

Emory University

A 2014 Computerworld Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, Emory University uses a streaming analytics platform to collect, display and analyze patient physiological data in real time.

Kennesaw State University

A 2014 Computerworld Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, Kennesaw State University developed an applied statistics program that digs into real-world data from large companies, creating a supply of IT professionals with big data and...

Texas Children's Hospital

A 2014 Computerworld Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honoree, Texas Children's Hospital uses a specialized approach to analytics tool to study records in its enterprise data warehouse and identify ways to improve clinical care and...

Ditch instinct: Why data drives business

The cultural changes involved with running a business on hard data and predictive analytics can't be underestimated. Here's what works and what doesn't work when making the cultural shift from traditional top-down decision-making to...

Julia King: We're all data scientists now

It's up to each one of us to figure out what in the daily surge of data is useful, what's crap and what's truly valuable.

The No. 1 midsize place to work in IT: LinkedIn

The No. 1 midsize place to work in IT: LinkedIn

At LinkedIn, career growth is on a fast track for IT pros with superior customer-service skills -- with free lunches and theme parties to keep things hopping.

Field Notes: Clueless CIOs aside, open source is 'frightening and fantastic'

There's a reason the theme song at this year's Open Business Conference was 'Happy.'

CIOs band together to lift Michigan's fortunes

Michigan's Kitchen Cabinet is a monthly meeting of savvy CIOs from different industries who share ideas and promote tech innovation within their state.

Field Notes: 'Rogue' employees want IT to lighten up already

National correspondent Julia King reports the mood is feisty at this year's CITE Conference & Expo.

The 2014 Premier 100 IT Leaders: Reinventing themselves many times over

Reaching IT leader status (and staying there) requires something akin to a personal mini-revolution every two to three years, according to these 100 men and women. All have transformed their careers, and re-laid their career paths,...

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