John Halamka

John Halamka

Contributing columnist

John D. Halamka is CIO at CareGroup Healthcare System, CIO and associate dean for educational technology at Harvard Medical School, chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network, chairman of the national Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel and a practicing emergency physician.

Why tech entrepreneurs will transform healthcare

We are establishing an environment that will help it happen. (Insider; registration required)

Crafting a social media policy

What do healthcare providers need to think about as they formulate social networking policies? (Insider; registration required)

The CIO vs. the sales end run

What better way for a salesperson to sour a long-term relationship than to bypass the CIO and tell the CFO that IT is wasting money?

The perfect storm for innovation

In the course of our careers, there are occasionally confluences of events. Those moments should be seized. (Insider; registration required)

John Halamka: Work-induced attention deficit disorder

We need to recapture our focus if we are going to solve the complex problems ahead of us.

The New Metrics for CIO Success

Modern CIOs must think more like CEOs about business needs and future strategies.

Coping With IT Decision Fatigue

In the 80s and earlier, issues were escalated by writing and mailing a letter. But in the time that it took to compose, type, mail and deliver a letter, many problems solved themselves. Insider (Registration require)

Halamka: Facing down VUCA, and doing the right thing

You probably know VUCA even if you haven't heard the acronym for 'volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.'

John Halamka: IT has its own Sports Illustrated effect

Fame for individual accomplishments is fleeting, but the benefits of team efforts build and last.

Good consultants, bad consultants

What separates the helpful ones from the deadweight?

Good consultants, bad consultants

What separates the helpful ones from the deadweight?

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