Bart Perkins

Contributing Columnist

Bart Perkins is managing partner at Louisville, Ky.-based Leverage Partners Inc., which helps organizations invest well in IT.

Lessons to be learned from a project nightmare

6 ways to cope with a resistant sponsor

6 ways to cope with a resistant sponsor

An executive sponsor who is out to undermine a project can be very dangerous.

Outsourcing contracts: Foundations for success

Outsourcing contracts: Foundations for success

Your organization shouldn’t enter the process acting like a first-time buyer. (Insider; registration required)

Getting your board’s buy-in on cybersecurity

Getting your board’s buy-in on cybersecurity

You don’t want your first discussion about cybersecurity with your company’s board to happen post-breach.

Half-baked mergers

Half-baked mergers

Many woes await companies that inadequately integrate after a merger.

Bart Perkins: 6 wrong reasons for hiring consultants

Engaging consultants can be a good move, but not if you do it for the wrong reasons. (Insider; registration required)

Bart Perkins: Forget the expense -- more secure credit cards are an opportunity

Cost has kept U.S. businesses from adopting fraud-resistant credit cards, but consumer concerns about privacy could make adoption a key differentiator.

Bart Perkins: A project staffing worst practice

When it comes to IT professional services, using the DOD sourcing method called Lowest Price Technically Acceptable is ludicrous, because it disregards the value of expertise and experience.

Bart Perkins: How to keep projects on track

Here are some things that IT management can do to identify problems in a timely manner.

Bart Perkins: Power to the people's devices

The new USB Power Delivery spec turns the capabilities of the USB port on their head.

Bart Perkins: Pester no more: How to handle the FCC's new rules on robocalls

Businesses must make sure their processes and IT systems adhere to the new regulations.

Bart Perkins: 3D printing is IT's next big challenge

If your organization is looking into 3D printing, IT can't afford to sit on the sidelines until it starts to look real.

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