Well, yes, that IS a question...

This IT project is falling behind, and a key bottleneck is some work that's been assigned to a contractor, reports a pilot fish on the client side.

"I was the one who issued that directive to the contractor," fish says. "But the contractor is dragging their feet -- a lot. At this point, the contractor is now past the required delivery date in the directive.

"There's a daily call between our company and the contractor to cover the status of each directive. At today's call, the contractor stated that they had stopped working on the directive because 'there was a question from the client.'

"What question? I looked up the status in the directive tracking system.

"Turns out the 'question' was from my boss. It was a direct cut-and-paste from the e-mail to the contractor for my boss: 'We have not heard a status from the contractor and it is past due. What is the status of doing the work?'"

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