Can you hear me...right here?

It's vacation time for this IT pilot fish, and he's hiking out in the middle of nowhere in what he knows is a cellular dead zone -- there's a big ridge between him and the nearest cell tower.

"As I walked along, I was surprised when my phone chimed out a voicemail alert," fish says. "I continued walking as I dug my phone out. By the time I got it open, there was no signal.

"So I backtracked. I found that there was only a three-square-foot area where I could get a signal -- it was bouncing through a gap between mountains like a diffraction grating.

"I listened to the voicemail, found out it was really urgent and called my boss back -- and got his voicemail. I explained the signal situation and that I would remain in the same spot for about 10 minutes in hopes he would get the message.

"He called me back shortly and we discussed the problem. I had him check a few things, and it turned out for some reason an incomplete file was delivered, so the solution was pretty easy. And I didn't have to hang around while they worked on getting a replacement.

"I think he was skeptical about the cell signal situation before this incident. Afterwards he really understood -- and paid closer attention when I told him my weekend plans included a cellular dead zone."

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