Think of it as 'bonding through shared pain'

It's decades ago, and this pilot fish is getting a start in IT as a student worker -- but fish is also the one who's training the boss.

"We had just switched from running our inventory database on a pre-IBM-PC desktop computer to using the same product on a PC clone," says fish. "I was the PC guy.

"When we would have our training sessions, my boss would have a notepad, a cassette recorder and a ruler with him.

"The notepad was to take notes. The recorder was to catch whatever he missed with the notepad.

"And the ruler was to swat me with to slow me down, so he could catch up -- true story!

"I wound up getting hired on full-time, working alongside him as his equal at the university until I left for greener pastures. We're still good friends to this day."

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