What's in a name?

IT pilot fish is on the payroll of this consulting firm, where the standard terms for a consultant who's not on a project are "on the beach" or "beached."

But that doesn't mean they're actually at the seashore. "There was an expectation that we would come into the office and make some reasonable use for our time -- work on proposals, take training, have long lunches at the beer garden with our peers, etc," says fish.

"Our regional manager was replaced, and one of the big changes the new guy made was to change the name to 'bench.' He thought being 'on the beach' was too nice. He wanted the consultants to dislike the status and push their marketers to get them a slot.

"He also required the consultants to put in full eight-hour days while 'benched' -- his predecessor allowed us to leave early or come in late to do errands done like car repairs or doctor visits, since it wasn't costing billable hours.

"What a great way to motivate people..."

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