Mingis on Tech: New year, new CES -- and new AirPods

VR and drones were hot, hot, hot at this year's CES, but were they hotter than the still-hard-to-find AirPods from Apple?

It wouldn't be January without a look at this year's CES to see what's hot and what's not. 

On 2017's hot list, according to NetworkWorld Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw, who's just back from the show in Las Vegas: virtual reality, drones and home automation (with a helping does of Amazon Alexa).

As Shaw explained to Computerworld Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Apple expert Michael DeAgonia, there's good news for VR fans: the cost of getting a halfway decent setup continues to come down. The bad news? The really cool stuff like an  InnoSim dynamic VR chair still costs a bundle.

Shaw also managed to find a selfie-taking drone for selfie-obsessed drone lovers, a $700 laundry-folding robot -- yes, really -- and a high-tech vacuum that kills mites and germs. Paging Howard Hughes....

Also on this year's hot list are Apple AirPods, like the ones DeAgonia managed to score just before Christmas. Yes, he admits, people tell him they look goofy, and no,  he doesn't care. They work well, sound good, last for hours and stay in his ears just fine during workouts and runs.

Then he proves it with a bit of head-bopping to demonstrate.

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