Recruiting and retaining female IT talent: 8 concrete steps

With organizations now struggling to fill critical IT roles, the need to close the IT gender gap has never been more vital.

Recruiting female tech talent

Recruiting female tech talent

Steve Ostrowski, director, corporate communications at CompTIA, says to establish a more representative IT industry, we need to understand what’s impeding women from pursuing IT careers and what can be done to encourage and embolden them. In the summer of 2016, CompTIA launched a study to answer these questions. Through dialogues with girls in middle and high school, the study found that girls’ interest in tech careers diminishes as they get older – largely due to a dearth of outside encouragement and a lack awareness about what IT work involves.

While the push for women in IT begins at home and in the classroom, it should extend to the enterprise sector. Based on the findings from CompTIA’s study, here are eight ways companies can more effectively recruit and retain female tech talent.

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