The 20 percent solution

At this 50-person company, there are at least 10 employees named Joe -- including an IT pilot fish.

And actually, he's not the only Joe in IT. "I was hired by Joe, who worked for another Joe," says fish. "There were also seven other Joes. We all went by our last names to avoid confusion. Some of our co-workers, though, preferred to call us by our first name.

"One day I walked into work and sat down in my cube. The guy on the other side of the wall said, 'Morning, Joe.'

"I replied, 'Morning, Fred.'

"'How's it going?'

"'Fine, how're you doing?' And so on.

"Then I heard Fred say into his phone, 'Hang on, Joe -- Davis is talking to me over the cube wall.'

"I guess they didn't always call us by our first name..."

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