Tech support? Who needs it?

IT pilot fish discovers he's been locked out of the online system that lets him check his credit-card balance and make payments -- and it's the second time that's happened in three months.

"I was pretty sure I entered the right password, but the message said I was locked out for three hours," fish says. "I tried again in three hours, and again the next day, but I got the same message.

"So I dialed the help number they displayed on the screen. Turns out it's their general customer service number, but I managed to wade through to a live rep."

Which doesn't actually help much. Rep tells fish that once an account is locked this way, the only solution is to re-register the account. Would you like me to walk you through that process? rep asks.

Fish declines, and asks to speak to a supervisor. Rep connects fish with the supervisor -- who gives fish exactly the same answer.

So accounts sometimes lock up mysteriously, and you can't unlock an account? This sounds like a technical problem, fish points out. Can I talk to tech support about it?

Sighs fish, "The supervisor replied, 'We don't have tech support. I mean, for us either. The system is perfect as far as the bank is concerned, and we can give work-arounds, but that's all.'

"I growled, 'I can't wait to hear your management explain this policy to a judge' -- to which the supervisor chirped, 'Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day!'"

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