Apple's October event live blog

Everyone expects new MacBook Pro laptops, but could there be more hardware in the offing?

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Credit: Apple

What will Apple announce at today's event, which begins at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET? All the speculation suggests new MacBook Pro systems with a new Magic Touch bar, and there have been hints to suggest a little Apple TV news. All the same, many veteran Mac users are hoping for a new Mac Pro -- will Apple deliver?

Does it plan to announce a move to ARM processors? What about the iPad, once the future of the PC, how will Apple position itself for the next tablet update at tonight's event?

And just how much will Apple CEO, Tim Cook, feel the need to once again show the company is on track in its aggressive five year expansion plan so many analysts seem unable to understand? So many questions, all will be revealed in just a few hours time...check back here for all the news as it comes through:

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