Downstream Visual Design Thrives on HP PageWide

Downstream Visual Design deployed HP PageWide printers saw big benefits in the form of increased efficiency, speed, and print quality.

Considering the business Downstream Visual Design is in, appearances are extremely important. But so are keeping costs low and efficiency high.

The company combines expertise in design and technology to help customers plan out innovative digital and visual experiences in an array of applications. Their impressive portfolio features a vast slate of high profile clients, and their unique approach results in consistently fresh, interactive experiences that integrate branding, technology, information, and design. 

Like many other companies, Downstreams’ online presence is critical to its success. But printed content is also a vital asset in developing and conveying their plans. “We’re a visual design company, so how things look on paper is important to us,” says Tim Larson, design principal at Downstream.

The company recently deployed HP’s PageWide technology and has seen a number of benefits including higher-quality printing, cost savings, and faster completion of print jobs.

The printing technology fits well with the company culture at Downstream because of the company’s emphasis on quality. “We’ve got software engineers sitting next to architects sitting next to AV systems technology folks and we’re designing environments that bring all of those things together,” Larson says. “We wouldn’t use [PageWide] in the way that we’re using it if it didn’t have the quality that we’re looking for.”

In addition to quality, HP PageWide provides cost savings compared with other options.

“Any time we’re able to find a technology that allows us to print high volume and lowers our supply cost, that helps us save money, that helps us be more efficient, but still maintains quality and performance, it’s great for us,” Larson says.

Another major benefit is speed. In today’s business environment, smaller and mid-sized companies such as Downstream need to be able to quickly meet the demands of their customers or potentially lose their business. For that matter, employees at the company also expect technology to support the rapid pace of the business.

“We have a lot of high demands on the tools that we use, and we found that the HP PageWide exceeded our expectations in terms of speed,” says Larson. “We know that we’re going to be able to get what we need quickly. We know that we’re going to be able to be more productive in the way that we work.” 

High speeds are among the key features of HP PageWide products, with the ability to print up to 70 pages per minute. Getting projects executed faster – without a decline in quality – can be a key differentiator for a company like Downstream. 

“We have a high-performance environment and we’re evolving to the needs of our customers,” Larson says. “HP’s developing products the same way. As our needs change, the speed of our requirements, the performance and the output requirements that we have, we’re seeing that HP is keeping up with us.”

For businesses seeking advanced printing solutions, only HP PageWide printers can deliver the fastest speeds, affordable color printing, and at a surprisingly lower cost than expected. It all adds up to best-in-class total cost of ownership.

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