Looks like neither M is for Money (or Math)

This IT consultant pilot fish has recently gotten some good news: He and his cohorts are now 100 percent vested in their retirement plan, and the company has even boosted its match for whatever employees put in.

"We worked on salary, with benefits," fish says. "I was talking with another consultant on the project team about how the 401(k) plan had gotten better.

"He just responded, 'I want my money now. I don't bother to participate.'

"When I mentioned the match and the fact that he was leaving money on the table, he really didn't care.

"It was fairly early in his career, and I knew he was getting a decent paycheck -- I was senior consultant on the project, so I had seen his billing rate to the client. But didn't he get that it was free money?

"The nametag on his briefcase included 'M/M/L' after his name. When I asked, he told me what that meant: 'Man/Myth/Legend.' You meet some interesting people in this industry..."

Sharky's nametag would say T/T/O/I/T/L, but c'mon, who's gonna know what that means? Anyhow, send me your true tales of IT life at sharky@computerworld.com. You'll score a sharp Shark shirt every time I use one. Add your comments below, and read some great old tales in the Sharkives.

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