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IT pilot fish is assigned to support a software development project, so it's no surprise when he gets an email from one of the developers, who can no longer get remote access to his resources.

"After I confirm authorization, I resend the instructions on how to install and use the thick client," says fish. "Since we require two-factor authentication, I also send instructions on how to reset his PIN for his RSA security token. This is all familiar to him, as he went through this a couple years ago.

"The next day I get an email from him, telling me he is getting 'Access Denied' for his 'RSA Soft Token.' Wait, what? So I email him back, telling him I assume he meant his hardware token, and explain that it is still waiting for him to assign a new PIN. And I re-send -- yet again -- instructions on how to set his PIN.

"His reply? 'No, I am now using a RSA Software token app. What info do you need to have that linked to my resources?'

"I'm not sure where he got this idea, but I reply that our environment does not currently support soft tokens -- it never has -- and that he needs to use the hardware token he was previously issued, following the instructions I already sent.

"The next email I get is from his project manager, asking me to send him a new hardware token because he has lost the one he already had."

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