Sort of gives 'driving safely' a whole new meaning

This IT consultant pilot fish's GPS is designed to connect with a mobile phone using Bluetooth to act as a speaker -- though fish actually uses it for something entirely different.

"I also have Bluetooth built into the car, so my phone isn't paired with the GPS," fish explains.

"However, I have the GPS Bluetooth enabled because it speaks to an onboard diagnostic reader that shows me some additional gauges. That's how I knew, for example, that when I couldn't accelerate beyond 130 MPH on the Autobahn, it wasn't because I was topping out the engine -- it was the car's computer limiting me."

One day fish is driving on a local highway when the GPS beeps with a message about "passcode 1234." Fish is busy driving, so he just hits the OK button to get his gauges back on the screen.

A moment later there's another beep and another message: "Paired with phone 3141592653".

That's odd, fish thinks -- why would my phone suddenly decide to pair itself with the GPS? But as long as it apparently has, he decides to check for any messages by dialing his number on the GPS.

So he does -- but instead of going directly to voice mail, fish's phone starts to ring.

"When I got to my destination, I took a moment to look at my phone," says fish. "I saw that the incoming call was from a local number -- but not mine.

"And when I looked carefully at the GPS, I saw that it was paired with 'Pat's Phone.'"

It seems someone driving near fish tried to pair his or her phone just as they were alongside -- fish figures the other driver must have the same brand of GPS, and connected with fish's by mistake.

That's not a big concern for fish. What could Pat have learned from connecting to fish's GPS? Probably just that fish's top speed ever is 130 MPH and there are a bunch of "favorites" around the European cities he's visited.

On the other hand, fish realizes he could have downloaded Pat's contacts, listened to Pat's voice mail and likely grabbed all of Pat's text-message history.

"Before I did some web searches and learned a lot about the man, his spouse and his business, my impression was that Pat was some teenage girl," fish says. "I assumed I'd be getting a call from a parent asking why my number was on her phone.

"But on seeing that Pat and his staff are Microsoft Certified, it all became clear..."

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