Actually, we pay what we pay and we HOPE you'll take it

This IT pilot fish joins a well-known computer services company, and he's really happy with the opportunities his new situation presents.

"I planned to stay with the company for the rest of my career," says fish. "After starting as a software instructor and showing my database analysis skills, I was asked to take on a job as a database re-engineering analyst.

"Nine months into the job, I happened to find the payroll and profit report on the common printer. With the new job I had gotten a 5 percent raise, while my billing rate had gone up 50 percent. They made more profit on me alone than the other ten analysts combined!

"After stewing for a month, I talked to my manager, who sent me to a partner.

"A 50 percent increase in billing and I get a 5 percent raise? I asked.

"'We pay what you'll take,' the partner said.

"A week later, I gave notice."

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