Apple shakes things up with over 100 new emoji for iOS 10

apple emoji
Credit: Apple

Things are about to get shaken up in the emoji world.

Apple is introducing over 100 new emojis with iOS 10, due to be released this fall. The updated pictures will bring greater diversity to the tiny icon realm, a much needed change if there ever was one. So what is the impetus behind the new teeny images? 

In IT Blogwatch, we give a 👍.

So what exactly is going on with these emojis? And why are we getting so many new ones? Christian de Looper fills us in:

The emojis on your iPhone are about to get more diverse...Apple...announced a new set of emojis...that will depict women in sports, as well as a rainbow flag character.
Included in the update will be a female swimmer, runner, surfer, and cyclist...the upcoming set of emojis will include new family characters, such as a single mother and single father with children.
The new emojis should roll out later this year alongside iOS 10.

But what has spurred this emoji revolution? And what other companies are involved? Selena Larson gives us the background:

For years people have called on bring more options to emoji...In May, Google proposed a number of new female and professional emoji to promote gender equality...the Unicode Consortium accepted the proposal last month.
The current crop of emoji are rather stereotypical in their gender roles...and they don't adequately represent...more than 90 percent of online consumers who use emoji.
Apple's announcement follows Facebook's recent launch of more than 1,500 new emoji on Messenger...focusing similarly on gender, race, and activities.

About time emojis were more diverse. Let's be honest, we all were feeling the weight of not having the exact right emoji to use when we needed it. So any other big news in the emoji world? Heather Kelly explains what else is on the horizon:

Apple is replacing the controversial pistol emoji with a green water gun in...iOS 10.
The pistol...emoji ha[s] landed people in trouble with the law. A 12-year-old...was charged after allegedly threatening her school in an Instagram post that used a gun...A teen in Brooklyn was arrested for posting a police emoji with pistol emojis pointing at his head. The charges were later dropped.

An emoji resulting in an arrest? Yikes. But Catherine Nichols may have stumbled onto the real reason behind the change:

Thank God Apple is on that. The amount of deaths from the emoji gun are getting out of hand.
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