Priorities, realigned

It's the late 1980s, when one of this pilot fish's co-workers is a very Type-A IT manager -- and fish is just as happy that he doesn't report to her.

"She was always putting in the extra hours and making high demands of her staff," says fish. "Then she got pregnant, went on maternity leave, and returned afterward ready to resign so she could stay home with baby.

"But her boss convinced her to remain.

"Fast forward a few months: She was tired of dealing with baby care issues and gives notice for real this time.

"She cleaned out her office, throwing out anything that she didn't need -- including boxed software. I helped her carry out the 'trash,' and she was totally OK when the brand-new boxed set of dBase III+ database software went home with me. Retail pricing was around a thousand dollars, but she was just throwing it out.

"I put it to good use for a few years, adding another programming language/PC application to my resume."

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