Or anyhow, esprit de something

IT pilot fish joins a carpool to cut his commuting costs, but riding in a nine-seater van turns out to be a good way to build esprit de corps with his co-workers too.

"As the riders got to know each other, we shared stories and experiences on just about anything," says fish. "One guy -- call him Fred -- told us how, one day, the boys from systems invited him to lunch.

"He said, 'When we got to the place, I realized that we were at a strip joint when I saw the ladies in their work clothes. Being fresh off the Boeing, I almost said, Let's come back later. They have not finished getting dressed yet.'

"Weeks later, Fred told us he attended a wedding reception held at a marina. He talked about the pleasure craft that he saw filled with passengers in colorful and fashionable swimsuits. He sighed dreamily, 'I can picture myself taking one of those boats out to sea.'

"From the back of the van, someone said, 'And I can picture Captain Fred announcing, We will get underway as soon as everybody finishes getting dressed.'"

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