Always, ALWAYS get your receipt!

This pilot fish's first IT job is as a field engineer for a small computer vendor that makes a turnkey system for pharmacies.

"I traveled all over California, and management was on a shoestring budget, so things like the condition of my tires was a second thought at times," says fish.

"I was in Bakersfield, but was asked to drive the 150 miles to Lompoc that evening so I could be at the customer's pharmacy in the morning.

"On the way there, I discovered that the tread on one of my tires was so worn you could see the air inside. I tried the duct-tape method of keeping the tread and tire together, but no go.

"At about 8 p.m., I came across a tiny town in the middle of the desert and asked if there were any tire shops open. Was told there was a bicycle shop that might be able to do the repair, so I was off to look for it.

"I found two fellows working there, and they said they'd do the job for a 12-pack of beer.

"I told them I needed a receipt for the barter, so one of them wrote a receipt for one 12-pack of beer for a used tire, and signed it Dirty Dick.

"My boss was rolling on the floor when I turned it in."

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