Could Siri finally be coming to OS X?

All eyes (and ears) turn to Apple's WWDC keynote for the details

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Who knew Siri could be so gabby?

Rumor has it that Siri is coming to OS X, and the rumor was started by no other than Siri herself. Apple’s personal assistant leaked the news when she answered a very strangely worded question by referencing the “Finder” -- which iOS does not have, but OS X does. 

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think this can mean only one thing -- that Apple will be announcing that Siri is coming to desktop Macs at today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Here's the lowdown on what everyone is saying. 

Siri references OS X ‘Finder’ ahead of WWDC 2016, according to Tim Hardwick:

Expectations that Apple is set to announce Siri for the Mac at WWDC 2016…intensified…thanks to an…unprompted reference to OS X leaked by none other than the personal assistant on iPhone.

How did that happen, you ask? Brian Roemmele reports that Siri spilled the beans, Siri is coming to MacOS X!

I have been experimenting with Siri since…it was a stand-alone app from Siri, Inc.
Today…Siri has been responding to…OS X…navigation questions with answers like “I need Finder to do that.”
Finder is [an] integral part of OS X…and iOS…does not have Finder.

Want more details? Neil Hughs has some in Siri query returns response about Mac OS X Finder app ahead of WWDC:

Of course, there is no Finder app for iOS, only…OS X…So the response…has been interpreted to mean that Apple's servers are being updated to handle Siri…on the Mac.

Apple is set to host a keynote presentation…Monday, where it's highly anticipated to announce…Siri voice controls...coming to…Mac. Assorted updates to Siri, greatly expanding its functionality across all of Apple's major platforms, are also expected.

In particular, it's believed…Apple will announce a third-party development kit that will allow applications to tap into Siri. Currently, Siri is limited to commands and apps enabled by Apple itself.

Of course, Siri updates are not the only thing expected to be announced at WWDC today. Jonny Evans explains in WWDC 2016: What’s in it for Android users?

Android users...can’t wait to see if [Apple] will announce iMessages for Android. It makes sense to do so. Messaging matters.

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