Now THAT'S a denial of service attack!

Big stock-market trading firm has engaged this outsourcing outfit to manage a rack of servers near each of its markets, reports a pilot fish on the outsourcing team.

"They were worldwide, so we had a rack in hosting centers in Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Amsterdam and the U.S., plus one more rack in our own headquarters data center," says fish.

"We were evaluated by another potential client who was very security conscious. While the professional hosting centers passed their security criteria, our offices did not.

"The would-be client proposed a denial of service attack caused by someone circling around to the back of our building and throwing a large rock through the second-story narrow window which was our machine room -- then following the rock with a series of water balloons to fully wet down and partially flood things.

"We did not get that client, but we did give them high marks for creativity."

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