...And other related duties

IT pilot fish has worked for this major city's public school district for years, and by now he knows the ins and outs of all the systems -- technical and bureaucratic.

"While originally hired to write a user manual for a system under development, I have been a Cobol and assembler programmer, a IBM systems programmer, Unix and network administrator, and just about everything in between," fish says.

"Some time ago, the building facilities department put a small kitchen area in our office, where we had a microwave and coffee maker. They also added a deep kitchen sink.

"One day I was at the sink, washing the dead insects off the visor on my motorcycle helmet. A fellow walking by -- a new manager who had just moved to our department from one of the schools -- looked at me and then asked if I should be doing that on 'company time.'

"I kept scrubbing and replied, 'It's in my job description, under Other Related Duties.'

"He gave me a blank look and said, 'In what way?'

"I replied, 'I am de-bugging an important safety system.'

"He walked away without another word, shaking his head.

"And now he's the department head..."

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