Windows 10 beta patch KB 3158988 turns build number to 14342.1001

When is a cumulative update not a cumulative update?

Windows 10 beta patch KB 3158988 turns build number to 14342.1001

Last night, Microsoft released a completely unremarkable patch for the latest beta test version of Windows 10.

Those on the Fast and Slow rings should be running build 14342 by now. If you're on 14342, KB 3158988 will bring your build number up to 14342.1001 (type winver in the Cortana search box).

It's a tiny, unremarkable patch that fixes problems I've never encountered. According to the Windows Experience blog post by Win10 Defender of the Faith Gabe Aul, KB 3158988 does the following:

[F]ixes the issue that occurs where you can't close Microsoft Edge or get context menus to work if you turn off all extensions without uninstalling them. It also includes a couple of fixes for some issues causing some devices to bugcheck (Bluescreen).

Two trivia items, for those of you keeping track:

First, the patch is, in fact, a Cumulative Update for build 14342. It's also the first update for build 14342, which makes it, ipso facto, a cumulative update. The notification in Windows Update is quite correct: This is a Cumulative Update.

Second, there's an interesting change in the Windows Experience blog post about build 14342. This line has been struck out, apparently because of this new Cumulative Update:

Symantec products such as Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security are causing PCs to bluescreen (bug check).

It looks like the Cumulative Update lets build 14342 play nicely with Norton.

As best I can tell, we have one (or at most two) more major build improvements before the Win10 Anniversary Update feature set is completely frozen. My main concern at this point is that Edge won't see much more love, which it so desperately needs. Gregg Keizer at Computerworld pointed out last week that Edge's measured use has fallen to new lows.

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