IT Pros Rely on These 5 Data Protection and Privacy Tools (and so should you)

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Most people understand the importance of securing their devices and data. But experienced computer and networking professionals – like those who work in IT – must understand both the value of data to their company and the multiple dangers that can result from data loss and privacy breaches.

Most Acronis True Image users are IT professionals or enthusiasts, so we were curious which tools they use to protect their data and privacy. After talking to hundreds of our customers and reviewing their feedback, we were able to get a sense of which tools they recommend.

Below are five top tools recommended by Acronis True Image customers who have vast experience in IT, with a few quotes in their own words. We were very pleased to hear Acronis True Image named as the highest priority tool.

1. Backup

Anyone who has ever lost a file has probably learned the hard way that backing up data is a darn good idea. But why learn the hard way when you can benefit from the voice of experience?

“I can’t imagine the amount of work that may be needed to restore my data, and I also don’t want to lose my family photos I store on my computer. So, every day at home I back up everything to my network storage. On the road I back up my machine to an external SSD drive. Backup is the number one tool for me and I recommend it to every computer user. I use Acronis True Image for backup.”

2. Antivirus

There is no shortage of bad actors out there who want to infect your connected devices with viruses that allow them to steal information or gain remote control. Many of these viruses are cleverly hidden inside innocuous-looking emails, texts, and websites. Without the right detection tools, however, users may be unaware of these hazards.

 “I am not surfing dangerous websites, but I get a lot of attachments over email, and from time to time download and install various utilities. I definitely don’t want to find myself reinstalling my computer or, even worse, passing a virus to some of my friends or colleagues. I use Kaspersky Antivirus.”

3. Secure VPN

Privacy is of utmost importance for everyone who uses a computer. Accidental disclosure of personal information may lead to identity theft, unauthorized access to bank accounts, false tax return submissions, and many nastier things.  A virtual private network (VPN) enables users to encrypt data that they send and receive over shared networks.

“It is not a good idea to share personal and work-related data over an unsecure network connection, so I prefer to use secure VPN whenever I am not sure my connection is secure. I use Hotspot Shield VPN Service.”

4. PC cleaning tool

A cluttered computer is like a cluttered office or desk: They can lead to inefficiency or, even worse, information loss as digital or physical files get misplaced or corrupted due to software malfunction or user error. IT pros need the main tool of their trade – their computers – to be clean and lean.

 “During active web surfing system gets filled with temporary files, unneeded history that I prefer to clean up regularly. Also, I don’t like to waste disk space on files I don’t need, including various downloads, leftovers of installations.  I use CCleaner.”

5. Archiver

Archiving is one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to store and transfer files. But storing lots of personal documents in unprotected archives is a bad idea, as it gives hackers easy access to all of your data at once. IT Pros recommend using tools that support strong encryption in your archives in order to keep them safe.

 “Although Windows supports .zip archives, I need to make sure my archives are well-protected. I prefer to use WinRAR for all of my archiving needs. Neat tool, easy to use, and never failed me with protecting my file archives.”

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