Don't tell me you can't do it, you SAID you would!

This pilot fish works as an incident manager for an insurance company, which means his job is not to use his IT abilities to solve problems -- at least not directly.

"Incident managers have many technical skills, but the job is to get the correct support teams engaged for quick service restoration and to report impacts to management," says fish.

"We don't have the access rights or any authority to directly take action to fix technical issues.

"One of my fellow incident managers was on a conference call discussing a new incident, and the support tech paged out to respond to the incident joined the call and said, 'Wow! The problem is fixed!'

"My teammate knows that sometimes issues get resolved with no actions taken -- we call them 'blips' -- and he joked, 'Great. Next time this happens, let me know and I'll fix it again for you.'

"Evidently the support tech didn't realize my teammate was joking. A short time later, that tech emailed my teammate with news of a new issue -- and much to my teammate's surprise, asked that he fix the problem!"

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