Master Class (with video): To deliver more personalized healthcare, ditch the manuals

Listen, watch and learn from three award-winning healthcare tech leaders in this free knowledge bundle, featuring an article, plus audio and video, detailing how digital technologies are enriching the patient experience.

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In this Master Class package, top healthcare tech leaders talk about how digital is transforming their industry — from connected home medical devices to analytics to video-enabled doctor visits.

An audio podcast features a discussion at IDG’s recent AGENDA16 conference with David Baker, vice president IT at St. Joseph Health; Dr. Bradley Crotty, director of patient portals and associate program director for informatics training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; and Dustin Humphreys, vice president of Digital Pharmacy Innovation at CVS Health. These tech leaders and their organizations were honored as 2016 Digital Edge 25 award winners for their efforts to build digital-centric businesses. The panel was moderated by Anne McCrory, vice president of Marketing and Content Strategy at IDG Enterprise.

Plus, in a short video interview, hear from Baker about how St. Joseph Health is embracing telehealth initiatives, and read more about his challenges and successes installing a clinical virtual desktop that serves 16,0000 caregivers every day.

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