No ticket, no job

This pilot fish is driving to a job interview in an unfamiliar area -- and he's not taking any chances with the local traffic cops.

"As I get nearer to the location I can't see any speed limit signs, so I decide to drive at a speed where the police can't pick me up for speeding," says fish. "I soon have a line of cars building up behind me, including a police car that's hiding among the traffic three cars back from me.

"Suddenly this car speeds past me, crossing over the no-passing markings on the road at speed. The police car pulls out and pulls the car over for careless driving and speeding -- a double hit.

"I arrive for the interview and the manager arrives late. He apologizes but explains that a red car was driving too slow and he overtook, and got pulled over by the police.

"I do the interview, then quietly leave and later withdraw my application, saying it's a little out of the way for me to get to. Actually, I didn't look forward to working for somebody who would eventually find out he passed me and got a large fine, points on his license and increased insurance rates."

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