WAAAAAY cheaper than getting the ax

This IT pilot fish has a co-worker who keeps a hands-free Bluetooth device clipped to the sun visor in his car, so he can handle mobile calls while he's driving.

"He found out that the device did a pretty good job of translating the names of the contacts in his phone, so he changed our manager's name to 'The Biggest @#$%! In The Entire World,'" says fish. "That way, if he got a phone call from the boss, the device would announce 'Phone call from....The Biggest @#$%! In The Entire World.'

"One day, he and I went to lunch with our manager and my co-worker drove. As he and our manager were discussing a customer, our manager said, 'Let me just text you his number' and quickly sent a text.

"As the device began to announce 'Text from...' my friend yanked it down and tossed it out the window.

"'I always hated that thing,' he told us casually..."

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