They didn't reinvent the wheel, just the circle

Management at this healthcare IT vendor wants to get a better handle on how and why its support people are working overtime, reports a pilot fish who supervises level-2 support engineers.

"These engineers qualify for overtime pay, and so do I," fish says. "The payroll system is unable to track why people are working overtime, so upper management instituted a new process using a homegrown ticketing system that doesn't integrate with the payroll system overtime approval.

"The process works like this: One of my level-2 support engineers submits an overtime request, which is sent to me (as supervisor for the group) for approval. I approve or deny the overtime. If it's approved, the support engineer and I (as the supervisor who approved it) are both notified of the approval. Then the support engineer updates the payroll system to receive the overtime pay.

"However, if you are a group's supervisor submitting an overtime request, the first step in the process is a bit different: The group's supervisor submits the overtime request, which is then sent to the group's supervisor for approval.

"Based on the training I received for this new overtime submission process, this is working as designed. My overtime request is sent to my group's supervisor for approval -- which is me..."

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