Hey, if adult coloring books are so popular...

It's a few years ago, in the days when most networked printers are a little too finicky to reliably deliver color prints -- and that's exactly what this pilot fish needs.

"I had an urgent presentation that demanded such a color print," says fish. "You know the story: Making good progress, save the file, hit the Ctrl-P keys, stride confidently to the aged color printer -- and it has mangled the printout and offers no hope of yielding the desired result.

"Out of exasperation, I grumbled, 'Ohhh! This darn printer...'

"The printer was in cube-land, and all of a sudden a work colleague stood up from behind the cube wall and exclaimed, 'Yes, I had problems with that color printer too. I had to make a black-and-white copy on a different printer and color it in myself.'

"As I stared in astonishment at him, he held up a sheet of paper showing a large cross-section of the conductors of Cat-6 copper twisted-pair Ethernet cable with appropriate colors -- green, blue, orange and brown -- all colored in by hand.

"I eventually decided to leave the color print out of my presentation."

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