Didn't get your dream job? 8 tips for handling rejection

Losing out on a job you really wanted can be difficult, but there are eight tips for handling the situation and moving forward with your career search.

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Even in the booming IT industry with unemployment at historic lows, landing a tech job isn't a given. Making it through several rounds of interviews and technical screenings can make you feel as though you're a shoe-in for the role, only to discover the company's decided you're not the right fit.

"In the IT industry, demand is incredibly high right now, and with that many other candidates, competition is fierce and the pressure is high. It can be devastating if you're passed over for a role, but there are ways to cope and handle rejection gracefully," says Greg Barnett, vice president of Research and Development at The Predictive Index. Here, Barnett shares eight tips for dealing with rejection and moving on with your job search.

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