So whaddya think could be slowing it down?

Consultant gets a new assignment from his company: He'll now be the operations manager at an outsourcing engagement, says a pilot fish in the know.

"Arriving onsite, he met the client and staff and was told by the client that the biggest issue to be addressed was the very slow response time on their token ring network.

"He proceeded to view the hardware that he would be supporting, in a room in an old storage facility located in the center core of a New York City commercial building -- definitely not planned for computers and peripherals.

"In the center of the room was situated a peripherals patch panel for the 300 desktops located on the company floors. Internal air conditioning was supplemented by a 10-ton A/C unit suspended from the middle of the ceiling above the patch panel. Beneath this unit was a drip pan, which drained via a clogged tube to a slop sink located nearby.

"A plastic cover was folded on top of the patch panel, to be used in the summer when the building would decrease A/C on weekends.

"There were water stains all around the unit, as well as cables laying on the cement floor. Connectors to the patch panel were disintegrating from the heat and water exposure, hanging loosely from the panel.

"When described to the client, his response was that once a day they used to go into the room and re-seat the plugs to ensure connectivity."

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