A lot to learn, and it's all above his pay grade

It's back in the early days of this pilot fish's career, and he's attending a week-long IT conference put on by a big computer user group.

"Wanting to learn as much as possible, I attended the conference from morning until late at night, and made a point to meet and chat with as many people as possible," says fish.

"The sessions ended early one day in preparation for a trip to a local amusement park. Back at my hotel, I hit the bar for a quick lunch. Chatting with one of the other guys there who had obviously been there for a while, I found out he was also attending the conference -- he had been an attendee over the past several years.

"When I asked which sessions he would suggest for the next day, he responded, 'My employer doesn't pay me enough to attend the sessions.'

"Yes, that's right -- he flew in, stayed at the hotel, let his company pay conference fees, but didn't actually attend.

"I can understand being annoyed at your boss. But if your situation is so bad, why not attend every session you can, learn as much as you can, make contacts and get a better job -- or at least one with better pay?

"Oh well, his loss."

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