How creating an alumni strategy closes the skills gap

Smart companies are looking to their past employees to help drive future success and are actively encouraging boomerangs. Here's how to get your alumni strategy right.

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To say the tech job market is competitive is an understatement. Companies are looking for any advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. Some of the smarter companies are actively creating communities of alumni, hoping that many top performers will choose to return to their organization.

A recent informal poll from career management and job search site of U.S. workers showed that more than half of respondents say they'd consider returning to a former employer, while 29 percent of people responded that they already had or were currently a "boomerang."

This is great news for employers looking to fill critical IT roles, as boomerangs -- at least those who left in good standing -- don't need as much time for onboarding, are already familiar with a company's technology and culture and can often contribute to productivity much more quickly, says Vicki Salemi, careers expert for

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