Can you hear me now?

It's late when the operations manager for this manufacturing plant comes looking for IT help -- and finds a solitary pilot fish still at work.

"He told me there was an important conference call, and they couldn't get the conference phone to work," says fish.

"I knew this was a IP-connected phone and started thinking that someone tried to move it from the assigned jack, so I went to the conference room, where I found the plant manager and several department heads staring at the phone.

"After verifying the correct jack was being used, I turned to the phone and found that it was powered up and loaded with the correct configuration.

"On a whim, I pressed the volume increase button. To all the managers' amazement, not only was the phone working but they were already connected to their call and the pre-conference hold music was playing.

"I quickly left the room, making sure not to bust out in a career-ending laugh in front of all the bosses -- and wondering what the mood in the room would have been if they had been engaging in embarrassing pre-call talk over an open phone line."

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