Take it from Citrix: VDA doesn’t play well with Windows 10 updates

Citrix spells out problems between WorkstationOS Virtual Delivery Agent and Windows 10 10586 CU 6, 7, and 8 -- but at least there's a hotfix

Take it from Citrix: VDA doesn’t play well with Windows 10 updates
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Last month, I tweeted a heads-up about a conflict between Windows 10/Edge patch KB 3124904 and the Citrix WorkstationOS Virtual Delivery Agent. Since then, the problems have persisted, and Citrix has come up with a frequently updated article detailing the problems and their solution.

The conflicts appear with all three of the latest cumulative updates for Win10 version 1511:

  • CU 6, KB 3124263, build 10586.63, Jan. 12
  • CU 7, KB 3124262, build 10586.71, Jan. 27
  • CU 8, KB 3135173, build 10586.104, Feb. 9

(Don’t you wish we could simply say Win 10.1.6, 10.1.7, and 10.1.8? That would be too logical, I guess.)

If you have any of those three cumulative updates installed with version 1511, Citrix says you’re going to have problems with Citrix VDA. Per the advisory:

Users are unable to authenticate to or launch a Windows 10 v7.6.300 VDA or v7.7 VDA using ICA, RDP or through Console if any of the above Security Updates are installed. Users may notice some of the below symptoms:

  • When user tries to launch a Windows 10 VDA, it tries to process indefinitely and fails to launch.
  • When user attempts a login to the system from Console, it fails to login and returns to the login screen. On some machines, an error message “The handle is invalid” may appear.
  • When user tries to RDP to the machine, after entering credentials, it fails to connect and returns to the initial RDP screen.

The solution is to uninstall the cumulative update, reboot, install the Citrix hotfix (presumably you’ll have to do this quickly, before Windows Update kicks and in and automatically installs the latest cumulative update), then re-install the latest cumulative update.

It’s not clear why Microsoft and Windows 10 have this ongoing problem with Ctrix VDA, but it’s been a known conflict for more than a month.

t/h Cliff Hogan

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