Bet it would've made a LOT bigger impact in person


Some of the groups in this company have people spread across the continent -- but not everyone has quite figured out all the new challenges of telework and virtual offices, according to a pilot fish there.

Case in point: "Last week there was an informal conference call with participants from around the states," says fish. "And nobody knew who was in an office, home office or just on the road.

"Suddenly an angry voice interrupted: 'Thanks a lot, Mike. Sorry, folks. My office mate just threw up on my desk. I'll be right back.'

"Everyone on the call was obviously concerned about Mike, and the conversation focused on Mike's welfare for the next few moments.

"When the angry voice returned, it sheepishly said, 'I guess I need to explain. I work from home fulltime and Mike, my cat, sleeps on my desk. Mike just coughed up a hairball. Mike's fine. My desk is fine. And I'll be staying on mute a little more during these meetings.'"

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