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In the February 2016 issue:

Transformation That's All About the Customer

cw promo feb 2016 Victo Ngai

The new re-engineering is endless -- just like customer demands. Smart companies are learning to please customers one at a time, all of the time.

Big Data to the Rescue

Humanitarian groups, including those that help refugees, are using big data to improve their response efforts.

Open Source: Career-Maker, or Wipeout?

Experts predict a wave of opportunities for IT pros who specialize in open source -- in five years or so.

The Grill

Peter B. Nichol, an IT leader behind Connecticut's Health Insurance Exchange, talks strategy and believing in the impossible.

Security Manager's Journal

Compliance does not equal security.

News Analysis

As in-vehicle technologies evolve, automakers are opening R&D operations in Silicon Valley.


Preston Gralla say a proposed antiterrorism law threatens the Internet -- and the Constitution. Thornton May has the real story on the evolution of the CIO. Hint: the job was always strategic.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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