Google Street View on top of a mountain (all covered in snow)

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Google street view Mont Blanc

Ah, Google, your Street-View publicity stunts never fail to entertain. This time, the Mountain View pranksters have stuck their 360-degree cameras up an actual mountain—Mont Blanc, to be precise.

In fact, Google claims to also be helping scientists track the effects of global climate change warming. This is while the ice atop the massif is said to be shrinking.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers feel cold just looking at it.

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We need news. Trevor Hughes has views on the views—Google Street View cameras top Mont Blanc for 360-degree views:

Google has made it possible to visit one of Europe’s most storied peaks from the comfort of your computer...Mont Blanc, the highest of the Alps.

The peak on the French-Italian border is about 15,777 feet high [and] covered in a perpetual snow-and-ice field.

Viewers also can virtually “walk” across the Mer de Glace — a river of ice that experts...say is endangered by global warming.

Viewers also can [get] the perspective of a paraglider, a speeding trail-runner and a skier who shows off some dazzling aerial flips.

Far out, man. Frederic Lardinois writes Google Hauls Its Street View Cameras Up The Mont Blanc:

For this project, Google partnered with a number of photographers, skiers, mountaineers, climbers and runners to build up this library of...imagery.

You get images of some of the most iconic trails around the mountain in the summer and winter [and] see what Mont Blanc looks like from the perspective of an ice climber, for example.

Now here's an appropriate name. It's Cam Bunton, with Google’s latest breathtaking addition to Street View is a virtual tour of Mont Blanc:

Google’s new virtual exploration is simply breathtaking, and easily worth a few minutes of your time.

Google has littered the mountain with a bunch of awesome 360-degree Photo Spheres. You’ll get a look around the summit. ... You’ll be able to climb up a serac.

Google wants to preserve what it that future generations can see what it used to look like, and so that scientists can see how it’s changing.

But why does Google do these things? Tom Dawson thinks he knows—Google Brings Street View to Majestic Mont Blanc:

Street View has become an interesting side-project for the Google Maps team, and it’s arguably become part of pop culture.

Street View now offers users one more piece of culture to explore from the comfort of their tablets, phones or computers.

We can’t help but think Google is doing these sort of help with their Cardboard project. Regardless, there’s more fun and inspiring content to oggle over.

We could do with a local voice, too. Bonjour, Oliver Gee. Ça va? Climb Mont Blanc from your armchair thanks to Google:

The American search engine sent a team of climbers, skiers, and photographers to the summit. ... The result is spectacular.

For the was elite guide Korra Pesce who carried the Street View Trekker up...the Goûter Route of the mountain. See a the video below.

And Finally...

Explore Mont Blanc

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