Will you also write the online training for that?

This IT pilot fish is setting up a new team to offer a service to his company's manufacturing departments -- and this being modern manufacturing, all processes must be documented to make sure they're done consistently and correctly.

"And to ensure that I'm doing things correctly, I need to take a bunch of online process training," says fish.

"One part of the documentation we need is an administrator guide for the products that this team uses. However, since this is a new team, there isn't an admin guide because, well, one hasn't been needed before.

"So it's mandated that I write the admin guide. Tasked with this as part of the documentation, I sit down for a couple hours, note some known procedures and put them in the administrator guide. Most of what we will do is troubleshooting, which is hard to put in an administrator guide, but I've got some tasks in there that can't be automated and are done once or twice annually.

"Today in my required-trainings notification is a new required training. You guessed it: I need to get trained on the administrator guide that I wrote, for a team where I am currently the only member, on steps that I won't need to take for a while."

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