Apple iPhone to see LG/Samsung AMOLED glass -- “sources” (and tying shoes with math)

In a year or two, will Tim Cook imply Apple is ahead of the game?

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Apple will use AMOLED in the iPhone 7 (or 7S): Samsung and LG are “close to a contract” with Cook’s people, it’s said. OLED screens work by emitting light rather than coloring a backlight, so they’re thinner than LCDs, and use less energy.

But Apple is hardly the first to use organic-LED screens in phones. What’s taking them so long?

And how will Tim spin it, to say Apple’s being magical and innovative? Aye, there’s the rub.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers read the rumor runes. Not to mention: Tying shoes with math, redux...

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So what’s the craic? Okjin Bae is lost in translation—삼성·LG, 애플 OLED 계약 초읽기…2~3년간 총 15조원 설비투자:

Samsung and LG Display will supply OLED to Apple.

LG Display has existing LCD lines that can be switched to OLED. [This is] expected to reduce investment costs.

LG Display can...raise 5-inch OLED panel production capacity by six million per year. ... Samsung Display is expected to be allocated volume at least 30% more than LG.

Apple is expected to pay for some equipment investment in LG Display and Samsung Display.

Clear as mud? Se Young Lee helps us grok it, in LG Display, Samsung Display to supply OLED screens for iPhones:

South Korea's LG Display...and the panel-making unit of Samsung Electronics...will supply organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens for...iPhones.

The report comes after years of speculation that Apple will start using the next-generation technology. ... OLED screens are thinner and offer better picture quality than the mainstay [LCD] screens.

LG and Samsung Display are close to a final agreement with Apple [the] report said, adding the two Korean firms plan a combined...$12.8 billion in capital expenditure...over the next two to three years.

Samsung likely getting bigger volumes from Apple than LG Display. ... LG Display and Samsung Display declined to comment, while Apple could not be immediately reached for comment.

And this anonymous scribbler churns Apple to source iPhone OLEDs from Samsung and LG, report says:

Citing unnamed industry sources, [Bae] on Wednesday local Korea time said Apple is close to reaching a definitive supply agreement.

Samsung and LG [both] have experience in producing flexible OLED panels. ... Apple is said to be helping out with equipment costs, but the report failed to offer specifics.

LG...will repurpose existing LCD production lines to reduce costs. ... But production yields are in question as the technology is as yet untested.

Negotiations were drawn out in part because Apple [pushed] Samsung to accept low single-digit margins.

In June, a rumor suggested Apple was looking to adopt [OLED for iPhone] in 2018, a timeframe that lines up nicely with today's report.

Wait, in 2018? So this isn’t going to be in the iPhone 7 then? Tyler Lee has more, in LG & Samsung To Supply OLED Screens For Apple’s iPhone:

It is unclear as to when we can start seeing iPhones with OLED screens. ... 2018 [is] a rather long-time away.

For the time-being Apple is expected to continue using LCDs for their iPhones. ... Right now the only Apple device that uses OLED [is] Apple Watch.

One of the advantages to OLED is that it offers better picture quality, at least compared to LCD, and that it is thinner. [But] picture quality would be subjective as some might prefer the more “natural” colors of LCD, versus Samsung’s displays which some [say] are oversaturated.

Ah, the perils of dual-sourcing. It can drive fanbois to distraction, as 1080p jokes:

Get ready for... Displaygate!

"What's the best way to get a Rose Gold iPhone...with a TSMC A10 Chip and LG display? I read online that the LG display is 2% brighter and 1% more energy efficient. I deserve only the best!"

Update: Could someone explain what the big deal is? Yes, Matthew Benson can—Samsung and LG to supply AMOLED panels for new iPhones:

AMOLED, OLED, EL, SAMOLED, YOUM, POLED: whatever abbreviation one chooses...they all describe the same basic results...inky blacks, vibrant colors, and near infinite contrast.

Samsung is quoted as receiving 30% more allocation than LG Display because...its current production facilities...allow for high yields. ... AMOLED is also a potentially big source of money for [the] two companies [which] have fallen on harder times given the intense, keen competition from...China and India.

Despite the claims of OLED panels offering superior battery life...the results are oddly polarizing. While some absolutely love AMOLED [others call] it oversaturated, cartoonish, or undesirable.

Quantum Dot, Pixel Eyes, and IGZO are all competitors to AMOLED.

And Finally...

Super-fast way to tie shoelaces [or shoestrings, if you prefer]

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