Leaker reveals details about Microsoft Edge extensions -- and the news is good

Sample extensions posted on the Mega site look surprisingly similar to Chrome extensions. It could be a whole new browser ballgame

Leaker reveals details about Microsoft Edge extensions -- and the news is good

I don't know how, but accomplished Microsoft sleuth WalkingCat (@h0x0d) has uncovered a not-ready-for-prime-time Web page that's loaded with marketing-level information about extensions in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft pulled the page immediately, but @h0x0d posted screenshots and -- more spectacularly -- (presumably pilfered) sample code for two industrial-strength Edge extensions.

If the pilfered code actually works with a forthcoming version of Edge, Windows 10 fans have some much-needed good news.

You can see the screenshot posted on @h0x0d's original tweet. It's a page apparently directed at developers who are part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The teaser starts:

Extensions are here! Beginning with Build XXXXX in Windows 10 Technical Preview, a selection of extensions are available for Microsoft Edge… Maybe some text here about new extensions coming in future updates, and how you can get started on writing your own?

There are buttons for downloading extensions, and for the API documentation.

Scrolling further down the page, two sample extensions are on offer. One creates a Pinterest "Pin It" button. The other connects to the Reddit Enhancement Suite, a multipurpose search engine for Reddit.

@h0x0d had the presence of mind (and the time) to download both of those sample extensions and post them on the Mega site at Pin It Button and RES. They're full-fledged (possibly working?) extensions, not "Hello, World!" examples or stubbed-off placeholders. I've had a chance to download and look at both, and I'm stunned -- really, stunned -- at how much they look like Chrome extensions. @h0x0d had this to say:

Comparing Edge version vs. Chrome version of same extension, basically substitute "chrome" with "msBrowser", add few minor changes, done.

Of course the devil's in the details, but if Edge can reliably use Chrome extensions with minor mods, we may suddenly be looking at a whole new browser ballgame.

If they can only get the old security bugs worked out.

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